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Click Here For Our Interactive Audio Work Shop This site is designed to help CYF directed traders, our Money Radio listeners, Business Channel television viewers and of course you our Internet Guest learn and understand what we do here at Charting Your Futures (CYF) and why we offer it all free. The technical chart studies, found under Daily and Historic Worksheet buttons below, are backed by 35 years of technical charting analysis and real trading experience. Tutorials and Saturday Workshop are under the Audio Workshop button.

Most investors do not have access to the level of information needed to compete in this world-class venture we call commodity futures and they are almost never exposed to alternative risk management. To help close this gap, CYF offers the following information and proprietary studies for your perusal. CYF is a member of the National Futures Association since 1987. Online since 1989.
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Seasonal Cycles

CYF Worksheets bring you the next generation in seasonal cycles.

Historic Trendlines

CYF Historic Commodities Studies help you identify the hidden trend and repetitive nature of commodities.

Entry and Exit Points

Daily Commodity Worksheets help you monitor buy and sell points, adjust your protection, and remain focused on the long term picture.

Four Phases

Stock and Commodity markets go through four distinct phases from bottom to top.

Technical versus Fundamental

Two distinct schools of thought have arisen for trading commodity futures.

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 recommendations margins, broker Zero Sum Game

Who are the winners and losers in commodity futures?

Synthetic Futures

Prudent management need not be watching the premium on your option erode or seeing your protective stop hit time after time.

Important Decision

The most important decision any investor will ever make.

Who is CYF?

History and business credentials.

Closing Comments

A message from the President.

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Jay Gallemore discusses CYF accounts

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